“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”

Survival of the fittest applies to dancers almost directly. It takes hundreds of hours of sweating, stretching and sacrificing free time in order to claim the title of National Champions. Dancinginxs, a local dance studio in Doral, Florida will do whatever it takes to claim that title- including a drastic move to a new home.

The new Dancinginxs lobby

Trophies lined up against all four walls of the lobby give those who enter a taste of all that the studio has accomplished in a mere 4 years, since the current owner took over. Adriana Nassiff, 30, left her homeland of Bogota, Colombia and came to Miami with aspirations of owning and successfully running her very own dance studio.

“It really is a dream come true to make it this far,” said Nassiff. I can’t imagine what I would be doing if I didn’t have the studio. It’s my job, home and entire life”.

Studio owner Adri Nassiff and her new "home"

The walls tell a story. Rows of lined trophies show that Dancinginxs dancers mean business. Their shapes and colors stand out against the plain white wall and serve to attract all eyes toward them. The dancers are in the final days before their national competition. With a new and much larger studio, it’s time for the weeks of hard work to pay off.

Some of the trophies the studio has brought home

Patricio Suarez, 34, is one of the studio’s dance instructors and says that he’s very proud of how far the studio has come in the last few years. “When I first came to work here we had 60 students and attended one competition a year. Now we have over 300 students and we attend 4-5 local and national competitions every season,” says Suarez.

Nassiff says that none of this would have been possible without the help of the students and their parents. “These girls want to come dance every day. They never complain or come with a lazy mindset and teaching them is that much more fun,” she said.

It was obvious that the dancers knew exactly what they had to to bring home the trophy. Even before class started the hallways were cluttered with young girls and boys stretching, warming up and preparing for class. The scent of tiger balm filled the air and grunts and heavy breathing came from those being twisted and contorted against walls,

Girls working hard in class


NDA, a very prestigious dance competition held in Orlando every March is right around the corner. The dancers are using their new home to take advantage of the situation and hold extra practices, group activities to bring them closer and extra training sessions. These dancers are working hard for 5-6 hours a day and they’ve explained that one thing is certainly on the mind of every single dancer at Dancinginxs: To come back home as National Champions.


Students work with each other in order to be ready for class


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