As that last drink calls your name, you can call BeMyDD

With Miami’s world-renowned nightlife it’s easy to lose track of time and have one too many drinks. What happens when you and your group have downed more martinis than you can handle and are now left without a designated driver?

BeMyDD steps in.

Short for Be My Designated Driver, BeMyDD is a transportation service launched in Ohio in March 2010 that has recently made its services available to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Ft. Meyers and Naples.  In less than a year in the market, the company, owned by two recent college graduates, Alexa Milkovich, 24, and Arthur Simanovsky, 23, has expanded to eight states including Illinois, Kentucky, and Virginia.

(Appeared on the Toledo Free Press website)

BeMyDD offers several services, from airport transport, transportation for the elderly and the most popular “night out” package, which runs $15 an hour for a personal chauffeur. The driver goes to the customers’ house and drives them on their own cars for drinks, dinner or dancing at nightclubs, returning them safely home.

“The idea came from catering to those professionals who have something to lose,” says Simanovsky. “You wouldn’t want to work hard toward becoming a lawyer, doctor or teacher and blow it over a DUI.”

With the recent rise in the nation’s DUI rates it’s about time a company steps up and tries to offer people an alternative.

(appeared on

Another safety issue involves who is driving you around and BeMyDD has that covered as well.

The company performs very detailed background checks on the drivers, from a face-to-face interview to a criminal record, social security and sexual offender check. Drivers are hired as a part-time and must be at least 25 years old. Company owners say they do this to ensure that not only is the driver free of any convictions, but also that he is not socially awkward either.

Daniel Locke, a recently-hired driver in the South Florida area is very excited to start the services. Working a full-time job, Daniel wanted some extra cash and found a job post on Craigslist.

He decided to contact the company because “I think it’s going to be a great idea and I was looking for work.”

Along with the money the drivers make for transportation services, Daniel mentions that they also get paid for passing out the marketing materials to popular bars, lounges and nightclubs in the area in order to promote for the company.

While safety is the main reason for starting the services, Simanovsky confirms that the skyrocketing taxi rates were also an issue he intended to overcome.

“I live in the suburbs and to go downtown it is $60,” Simanovsky says as he shakes his head and holds it between his hands. At a rate of $15 an hour he could spend four hours out on the town for what it used to cost him simply to arrive at his destination.


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